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Nowadays, organisations have to deal with challenges such as globalisation, the opening up to other markets and exportation on a daily basis. Commercial translation is essential when it comes to entering new markets, establishing relationships with institutions, organisations, partners, suppliers and clients from other countries, for example, when presenting your brand at a fair.

The companies that are able to communicate their strategy rigorously and efficiently in different languages, whilst considering the characteristics of major, emerging and local markets, will have the opportunity to successfully expand into other countries.

Commercial translation encompasses translating the traffic between organisations’ own documents (exchange of e-mails, invoices, claims, etc.), translating marketing texts (briefings, presentations, etc.) and translating advertising texts, in which it is important to adapt the message to the target culture.

The most common types of texts that we translate are:

  • - E-mails
  • - Delivery notes
  • - Invoices
  • - Letters
  • - Claims
  • - Internal documentation and procedures
  • - Export reports
  • - Briefings
  • - Presentations
  • - Catalogues
  • - Products
  • - Tags
  • - Advertisements
  • - User and product manuals

Why is it so important to rely on a quality commercial translation?

Commercial translations reflect how a company is implanted and engaged in the market, both in terms of the relationship with the local business network, as well as the communications with the target audience. All translations must be adapted to the tone and language localisms of the market. This guarantees a close and appropriate treatment with every audience.

What characteristics should a commercial content translator have?

Not only must a commercial translator have complete mastery of the languages in question, but they must also be able to portray each and every characteristic of the original text in the target language.

What is advertising translation?

Advertising translation applies to marketing content. This is commercial content that may require a creative translation process so that the author’s intention is not lost. The tone, the context and the target audience must all be considered in advertising translation.


AltaLingua is a leading company in the translation and interpreting sector. We work with the best marketing and communication agencies and with more than 500 companies all over the world and offer a large variety of language pairs.
On a weekly basis, AltaLingua translates to more than 30 languages thanks to a team of native translators, who guarantee the right adaptation of the advertising messages to the target market. Also, AltaLingua has implemented Quality Management Systems based on Standards ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN 17100:2015.

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