Sworn and Certified Translation


Sworn translation

AltaLingua has offered sworn translation services for more than 15 years in all languages with in-house native translators to guarantee a prompt, quality translation at competitive rates.

Unlike ordinary translations, sworn translations are legally recognised by official bodies. In addition, sworn translations must be issued in paper format, since they must bear the sworn translator’s certificate, stamp and signature, by virtue of which they assume legal responsibility for the faithfulness and accuracy of the content of the translation.

On a general basis, in order to present a document translated from a foreign language before an official body (Public Administration, the Courts, Notary Public, academic institutions, etc.), the translation must be certified, signed and stamped by a sworn translator to be officially recognised. However, this may vary depending on the requirements of the body or the type of document.

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    AltaLingua offers sworn translations into all languages.

    Among the most frequent are:

        Sworn translation into English
        Sworn translation into French
        Sworn translation into German
        Sworn translation into Portuguese
        Sworn translation into Italian
        Sworn translation into Dutch
        Sworn translation into Romanian
        Sworn translation into Russian
        Sworn translation into Polish
        Sworn translation into Bulgarian

    Sworn translation into Czech
    Sworn translation into Norwegian
    Sworn translation into Swedish
    Sworn translation into Danish
    Sworn translation into Greek
    Sworn translation into Arabic
    Sworn translation into Chinese
    Sworn translation into Japanese
    Sworn translation into the languages of Spain's autonomous communities

    The most common documents for sworn translation are:

        Sworn translation of contracts
        Sworn translation of deeds
        Sworn translation of diplomas and qualifications
        Sworn translation of academic records
        Sworn translation of certificates
        Sworn translation of birth certificates
        Sworn translation of police records

    Sworn translation of civil registry documents
    Sworn translation of marriage certificates
    Sworn translation of medical reports
    Sworn translation of registration of residence
    Sworn translation of National identification documents, passports, tax identification documents
    Sworn translation of death certificates


    AltaLingua is a leading agency in the translation sector. Our team includes native and sworn translators holding degrees and qualifications in different fields of expertise, guaranteeing the perfect sworn translation for every need and every language pair. AltaLingua offers sworn translation services in all languages. In addition, AltaLingua uses quality management systems implemented in accordance with standards ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN 17100:2015.

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