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Most translation services have the feature that they can be entirely developed online, facilitating the client’s request and giving them the possibility of managing everything through the Internet. Therefore, at AltaLingua as aleading translation agency we specialise in online translation services: all our services can be contracted digitally.

At AltaLingua we have the latest generation of digital tools in order to be able to offer faster execution of projects and guarantee quality translations, done by professional translators, trained and experienced in different disciplines. Thanks to the Internet we improve our processes and customer service, allowing us a much faster and competitive service.

AltaLingua has native translators of different languages, they directly translate for more than 500 business from around the world. We consider ourselves a business with 100% digitised services. AltaLingua is a translation agency dedicated to the online world.


Amongst the services that we offer, a distinction is made between simple translation. Simple translation or ordinary translation consists of translations that do not need to be certified, as such they can be translations of commercial, marketing or literary contents, where the value of the translation is in the the adaptation of the content with nuances and characteristics of the target language and audience. Simple translations are the most common in the business world and require a native translator that is specialised in the sector of what the content covers.


The digital dimension of a translation agency allows is services to be contracted and carried out entirely through the internet. Clients can send the contents to be translated by e-mail, a translation projects manager will study the project in order to give them fees and time-scales according to the requirements of the project. The entire customer management process is organised digitally, including the delivery of simple translations.

In this case, all the management can be carried out digitally and the translation can be sent by email to your address. Therefore even if the service is online, it is not a matter of automatic translation, but of real people, certified translators in translation and with extensive professional experience in the translation sector. AltaLingua has a team of native translators that allows us to give an adapted response to the specifics of each project.


An online translation agency, with its Internet specialisation, must had very extensive digital abilities.  Today, many translators are specialised, with web knowledge and online marketing Fundamental requirements to be able to solve the needs of web, blog, social network or business SEO translations, regardless of the sector to which they belong.


AltaLingua is a flagship agency in the translation sector in Spain. We work with the most prestigious businesses in Spain and with more than 500 companies around the world offering a wide variety of linguistic combinations. AltaLingua translates into more than 40 languages per week with native translators, that guarantee a correct adaptation for your messages according to the market. Also, we have systems of quality management following the ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN 17100:2015 standards.

Online translation agency.

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