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Translation of Apps

Translation of Apps- Localisation

The use and development of applications and software for every type of device is increasing at an exceptional rate. This increase is due to the large increase in demand and sale of this type of product at an international level, therefore the translation of Apps and software is in constant demand due to the globalised world in which we find ourselves.

This very specific translation is called localisation, since not only does it translate the content of the Apps but also it is necessary to make adaptations according to the market in which it is going to be positioned.


Carrying out the process of technical and cultural adaptation is essential so that the application is developed in an adequate manner in any market, being a job carried out by native translators with extensive experience.

They are multitude of products or service that are localised so that the brand causes a large impact on the market and produces immediate success too. Localisation of small details such as the colours, time zones, keywords, currency, etc. are vital to achieve the objective of the business, this being, gaining clients from any part of the world that feel identified with the brand.

The use of localisation encompasses different fields.

  • Video games, adjust and transcribe the visual elements of the interfaces.
  • Software, translate content in a natural and fluid way, as well as visually, technically and culturally.
  • Websites, adaptation of the content whether it is text or graphics to attract the most number of visitors possible.
  • Mobile Applications,so that the developers and owners of Apps can see increases in the number of downloads, crossing linguistic barriers thanks to localisation.
  • Publicity,a fundamental part in order to sell a product at an international level most successfully.

Localisation is a valuable marketing tool, which you should always keep in mind when you want to see your business grow.


AltaLingua is flagship agency in the translation sector in Spain. Working with the most prestigious marketing and communication agencies, and with more than 500 companies around the world offering a great variety of linguistic combinations. AltaLingua translates into more than 30 languages per week with native translators, that guarantee a correct adaptation in audiovisual content following the format and needs of each project. Also, we have systems of quality management following the ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN 17100:2015 standards.