Ventajas de traducir el perfil de LinkedIn

  • Ventajas de traducir el perfil de LinkedIn

    Ventajas de traducir el perfil de LinkedIn

    Advantages of translating your LinkedIn profile:

    Time passes and professional relationships change thanks to digitisation. We become more demanding and more accessible to work anywhere in the world and therefore, showing a consistent image on the Internet is becoming an essential requirement for businesses.

    When we start working life we ask ourselves a multitude of questions, how to get a good digital presence? What are the tools to use? Do we know how to take advantage of the Internet?

    As you all know a multitude of platforms exist for active work searches, but only one of the is ranked as one of the best in the world to help you show your more professional side.


    What is LinkedIn?

    LinkedIn is ranked as the main professional network of the world in order to establish business links and show our professional side to the working world.

    The possibility of connecting and accessing other professional contacts allows you implement networking activities. Expanding your network of contacts to achieve your professional goals the main objective of this worldwide network.

    Some of the most common errors that are usually made are: having an incomplete, inactive or out of date profile. Likewise, another type of errors exists for example not translating your LinkedIn profile to be able to access international audiences.

    If you make these errors, the only thing you’ll achieve is limiting your possibilities by giving an unprofessional and uncommitted image.


    How to change language?

    LinkedIn offers the possibility to change the language of your professional profile easily and quickly.

    You only have to access and on the right margin of your profile, select “Add profile in another language”, then select “Create profile” and that’s it!

    Once the new profile is created, the next step is to translate it and here is where special care must be taken in the translation process since if we resort to automatic translations we can incur serious errors.

    A badly translated professional profile will only have bad results because it will give an erroneous and unattractive image to the multilingual sectors in which you want to make yourself known.

    Even if you have language skills, we do not recommend you do this task until you are a native an professional translator.


    << Starting to translate your LinkedIn profile yourself without having the proper knowledge and basis of the language will have serious consequences…>>


    Our advice to that you charge this task to a professional translation agency that offers translation services and has an ideal career path in order to guarantee the best quality of the translation.

    An expert translator on the material and native in the target language will know to use appropriate words to give a much more professional look to your profile.


    What is the right language?

    We agree that Spanish is not the most spoken language in the world but it occupies more or less the second position in global ranking, surpassing the English language.

    Specifically the three most spoken languages of the world in 2017 according to the study “Ethnologue: Languages of the World”, are:

    • Chinese with a total of 1,284 million native speakers.
    • Spanish with a total of 437 million native speakers.
    • English with a total of 372 million native speakers.

    A strong presence of Chinese can be seen but in general, it is a language that is only spoken by natives. However, English is the main language used in any type of business, thus it is essential to have translated your professional profile into English.

    Obviously, if for example, your goal is to access the job market in France, you should have, apart from the translation of your professional profile in English, an adequate translation of it in French.

    Thus, we recommend that you study the target audience you want to reach well in order to orient your profile and strengthen appropriate working links.


    Don’t wait anymore and access to as many career opportunities as possible. Translating your LinkedIn profile is very simple and economic with AltaLingua!


    AltaLingua is a trusted name in the translation and interpreting sector and provides language solutions in all languages for clients across the world.

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