4 keys to choose the best translation agency

  • 4 keys to choose the best translation agency

    4 keys to choose the best translation agency

    In an increasingly more globalised world we cannot be left behind, therefore adapting to the new international horizons is a very smart course of action.

    Here is when translation agencies come into play, and they make it possible to reach and build loyalty with potential customers.

    Here below, is a list of fundamental criteria to take keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best translation agency:



    Suitable websiteSuitable website


    Today having a suitable website for your business provides greater guarantees of increasing relevance on the internet and, with it sales.

    Normally when we go shopping for a product or hire a service, the first thing we do is search for information on the internet about different alternatives.

    This search involves both visiting the corporate website and reviews and references from users or customers.

    Our main uncertainty is getting the product or service from the best business at the best quality and price, therefore we usually do some kind of previous research to check that the chosen business is the most suitable. But, what does it mean for a website to be suitable?

    A fundamental factor is that the website itself is responsive, usable and indexable for both the user and for search engine websites.

    Apart from the basic design characteristics, the website must provide information about the business clearly, briefly and concisely, so that from first look, the user can have an idea of the services that it offers.

    It is not only a matter of showing the services that the business offers, but it must indicate its value and mission, as well as the human team behind it.

    As well as keeping the user informed about the processes that the business follows in order to offer the product or service, it is of vital importance to obtain quality certificates and gain greater confidence from your customers.

    Prestige is gained little by little and thus, both our customers and the auditors must guarantee the quality of our product or service.



    Personalised customer servicePersonalised customer service


    The customer experience is an essential requirement so that the translation agency is successful. We must not base ourselves on the product or service offered but we have to keep the customer in mind.

    Having project managers that offer a personalised treatment in order to adapt to each one of them individually provides value, simplicity and speed.

    Additionally, other decisive factors when it comes to choosing the best translation agency are the fees and delivery periods of the translation.

    The fees and delivery periods are usually set according to the number of words and the characteristics of the document and the delivery period.

    If a translation agency sets a translation of 10,000 words within two days, be wary, because it is impossible for a translation of this length to be carried out in two days by a native professional translator.

    Normally a translator has the capacity to translate a maximum of about 3,000 words a day, therefore if a translation agency offers a short period for a large length, it will definitely be using tools that don’t provide quality to the translations such as automatic translators.



    translatorsHaving native and specialised in-house translators

    Having an in-house team of professional and specialised native translators allows to centralise the business, providing greater quality and speed in the carrying out of translations.

    We speak with profess translators because knowing languages does not make you a translator. Translators must have the studies, skills and sufficient experience according to the position they hold.

    Translators translate into their native language and in the case of it being an inverse translation, it should be proofread by a native translator before its delivery.



    quality certificatesHaving quality certificates


    Quality certificates in translation guarantee to the client that the professionals that work in the business have training and experience to offer a high quality work process.

    The UNE-EN ISO 17100:2015 standard is the European quality standard for translation services that encompasses all aspects related to the translation service.

    The ISO 9001:2105 system of quality management consists of that the management system and specific tools used follow some quality standards.




    Altalingua is the best translation agencyWe are your best translation agency!


    Tell us about your translation project and we will help you to determine the best languages strategy in order to adapt to the market.

    Write to us at translations@altalingua.co.uk 



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