Career opportunities for people with language skills

  • Career opportunities for people with language skills

    Career opportunities for people with language skills

    Knowing languages increases the chances of finding a job and improving professionally. In today’s globalized and technologized world, practically any profession demands a knowledge, even if it is minimal, of languages (read English). But, for those people who are good at languages or have decided to study careers such as Translation and Interpreting, there are some specific career opportunities.


    Numerous government agencies and companies offer positions for translators of various languages. Usually, a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting is required to get a job. Moreover, the possibilities increase if the professional specializesin one language or subject: medical, legal, technical translation… Another option is to work for translation agencies.


    The interpreter translates spoken language from one language to another. It can be in simultaneous or consecutive translation. In addition to a thorough knowledge of languages, it is advisable to have an agile mind and to know how to deal with stressful situations that may arise in the exercise of the profession.

    Tourist guide

    With the exception of the pandemic, when the tourism sector recovers all its activity, the occupation of tourist guide can be a good option for people with languages. It is a profession that can give many joys and unforgettable experiencesto people with people skills and a certain self-confidence.


    Teaching is a job opportunity for people who know a language, whether in an official school, in an academy or as a private teacher. It should be noted that a exhaustive knowledge of the language (at least, for a high level of teaching) is necessary to be able to answer all the doubts of the students.

    Healthcare sector

    Countries such as the United Kingdom need qualified personnel to fill positions as nurses and other healthcare professionals. In addition to the training and experience required for the position, the worker must speak good English and know the medical vocabulary. Something similar happens in areas of Spain and other countries that receive foreign tourists.

    International organizations

    In public organizations such as embassies and international agencies or in global companies that provide their services worldwide, languages are indispensable. A diplomatic career or working on international projects requires a high level of English and sometimes other languages, both spoken and written.

    In short, learning languages is always beneficial, both personally and professionally. If, in addition, you are good at it and you train yourself, you can have a very promising professional future.


    AltaLingua es una agencia de traducción e interpretación de referencia en España que brinda servicios lingüísticos integrales para empresas en España y el mundo. AltaLingua cuenta con sistemas de gestión de calidad según las normas ISO 9001:2015, ISO 18587:2020 de servicios de posedición multilingüe y UNE-EN 17100:2015 de servicios de traducción.

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