Differences between sworn translation and simple translation.

  • Differences between sworn translation and simple translation.

    Differences between sworn translation and simple translation.

    Sworn translation

    A sworn translation or official translation in Spain, is a translation of an official nature, which can only be carried out by a translator with the certificate of sworn translator-interpreter awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Spain.

    Unlike the simple translations or ordinary translations, the sworn translations are legally valid before official bodies. In addition, they must be issued on paper, since they must bear the certification, stamp and signature of the sworn translator, who is thus legally responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the content of the translation.

    In general, if I have to submit a document translated from another language to an official body (public administration, court, notary’s office, academic institution, etc.), the translation must be certified and signed by a sworn translator.), such translation must be certified, signed and stamped by a sworn translator in order to be effective. However, this requirement may vary depending on the requirements of the agency in question or the type of document. For this reason, it is advisable to find out exactly what type of translation is required on each occasion.

    Simple translation

    The simple translations or ordinary translations are translations of an unofficial nature, which can be done by a professional native translator without the need to have the title of sworn translator-interpreter. This type of translation is usually used for the translation of institutional and commercial content, technical manuals, web pages, etc.

    Simple translations are the most common in business, commercial and literary environments, since they are adjusted to the specific vocabulary required by the translation, adapting the text’s intention to each language and taking into account the variants or localisms that each language may have.

    For both simple and sworn translations, it is necessary for the translator to have a thorough knowledge of the subject matter to be able to translate with appropriate terms. Technical content is the most demanding for the translator, as he/she must be proficient in the subject matter in both languages.

    At AltaLingua we translate into all languages, with native translators, to guarantee a correct translation according to the needs of each text.

    If you would like to receive a free quote for a sworn translation or simple translation, please send us an email to altalingua@altalingua.co.uk or request a translation quote online

    To calculate an approximate quote it is not necessary to bring us the original document, although if you want an accurate estimate we will ask you to send us the scanned document by email.


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