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  • E-commerce Translation

    E-commerce Translation

    E-commerce translation is vital to improve the customer experience, increase their confidence towards the brand and reach the final goal of a purchase. The virtual store is the main window of your business, therefore investing in it is crucial to achieve success at a national and international level.

    What contents must be translated?

    1. Corporate website translation

    Clients must feel comfortable and identified with the brand to be able to increase the sale of products or services that the online shop offers. Thus, it is essential to detect the target audience well and translate the corporate website into their language.


    1. Translation of products and catalogues

    The translation of this content must be carried out with special care, since you have to suitably specify the characteristics, description and price of the products, so that the users can have a good understanding of the products or services that are sold on the website.


    1. Translation of the purchasing process.

    The users must know clearly and concisely how to make an order and payment for the product or service, since this phase is the most important to get the most profit.


    1. Translation of legal regulations

    Virtual shops or e-commerce must comply with a series of legal regulations and these must be expressly explained and detailed both in the main language and in the language into which you want to translate. These legal contents are the Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and the Legal Notice and Conditions of Use.


    1. Translation of multimedia content

    It is shown that the visual contents are more attractive for users therefore multimedia contents such as videos, images or banners must be correctly translated.


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