Financial Translation: 5 values that an agency must offer

  • Financial Translation: 5 values that an agency must offer

    Financial Translation: 5 values that an agency must offer

    Financial Translation: 5 values that an agency must offer to guarantee the quality of its services.

    At AltaLingua we work with more than 500 businesses around the world offering translation services into every language. For financial translation services we find specific demands from the sector and the guarantees that our customers value are:


    1. Having translators experienced in financial translation.

    As well as for translation in other technical sectors, it is fundamental to have translators experienced in financial translation. The translation must use specific vocabulary of the financial sector and the translator must master the material in the original and target language.


    1. Having native translators in the target language, trained in translation and interpretation.

    To guarantee professional translation services, at AltaLingua we always work with translators trained in translation and interpretation and natives in the target language. In addition, a proofread is always carried out by a proofreader different to the person that made the initial translation and having a team of in-house translators guarantees a fast, quality service.


    1. Having quality standards that guarantee the translation and proofreading processes.

    The latest update of the European quality standard that guarantees translation processes is the UNE-ISO 17100. This standard is an update of the UNE 15038 standard.

    This translation standard guarantee, among other things, that:

    1. Work is always carried out by translators native in the target language.
    2. A proofread is carried out by a professional different to who carried out the initial translation.
    3. The professionals involved have training related to the position, such as being a Graduate in Translation and Interpretation or studies in philology.
    4. All the work processes guarantee the confidentiality of the information to be translated.


    1. Having measures that guarantee the absolute confidentiality of the content.

    The UNE-ISO 17100 standards, specific to translation services, guarantee that all the professionals involved in the translation process comply with confidentiality standards and have signed agreements to guarantee maximum confidentiality about the content to be translated.

    Additionally, AltaLingua is audited every year for compliance to the Organic Data Protection Law.


    1. Deliver a fast service suited to the needs of customers.

    At AltaLingua we have translation managers that are exclusively dedicated to coordinating the entire translation process. The main advantages of having translation project managers are:

    • That the customer always works with a single contact, regardless of the number of languages and projects that need to be completed.
    • They help the management of multilingual projects.
    • The completion of the translation and proofreading processes are guaranteed.
    • The monitoring of the specifics of each customer, linguistic preferences and glossary control and translation memories that give consistency to every translation for the client are guaranteed.
    • The monitoring of each translation project is guaranteed, complying with the delivery periods scheduled for each project.
    • They help administrative management and purchase and invoice processes.

    The main financial translation services that businesses ask us for are:

    • Annual Account Translation
    • Translation of balances and financial statements.

    To carry out a financial translation, send us the document to and we will get back to you with a quote suitable to your needs.


    AltaLingua es una agencia de traducción e interpretación de referencia en España que brinda servicios lingüísticos integrales empresas en España y el mundo. AltaLingua cuenta con sistemas de gestión de calidad según las normas ISO 9001:2015 y UNE-EN 17100:2015.

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