Intern experience: French Translation Internship at AltaLingua

  • Intern experience: French Translation Internship at AltaLingua

    Intern experience: French Translation Internship at AltaLingua

    My French translation internship at AltaLingua: an enriching experience and good transition to start my professional life.

    My name is Hermine, I’m a French student from ISIT (Paris) and I finished my last year of my Masters in “Intercultural Communication and Translation”.

    I lived for 5 months in Alcalá de Henares during my ERASMUS stay and I worked for 4 months as an assistance and trilingual tour guide in Santoña (Cantabria). I looked forward to returning to Spain, and especially to Madrid, to work for the first time in a translation agency as a translator from Spanish / English into French.

    For a long time I liked languages and therefore I dedicated my university career to learning foreign languages and translation. It all started with my passion for literature, and thanks to this I looked forward to reading in other languages.

    This is how I discovered the demanding and fabulous task of translators: helping to make communication between people around the world more simple and to understand the environment, customs and culture that surround them.

    “AltaLingua was recommended to me by other students…”

    It is true that there are texts that are more fun than others, but being able to translate and discover the specifics of the different existing cultures or the meaning of new words are things that professionally and personally enrich me.

    Generally I learn a lot, even translating very technical texts. I also realised that translating is the perfect occasion to improve the knowledge of your own culture and your own language.

    AltaLingua was recommended to me by other ISIT students. I am very happy to having to opportunity to work each day with Spanish Natives and with people from other nationalities, especially with professional translators that are able to help and advise me.

    AltaLingua is a translation agency like few others: serious, warm and human. If you need something, you only have to ask and they always try to help you to solve any problem.

    “What I liked most is translating various topics…”

    I also realised that the hierarchy could have another meaning and another form in comparison to France. At AltaLingua, the managers are always available for you and act like any other person.

    What I liked most is translating various topics: technical, tourism, legal, marketing, etc. This allowed me to improve my lexicon, improve delivery times and thus, improve my knowledge and skills during the months of my internship.

    I want to thank the entire AltaLingua team for such an enriching experience, it was a good transition to start my professional life and I would like to continue this collaboration, with AltaLingua or as a freelance translator.

    Don’t hesitate to do an internship or working with AltaLingua!


    AltaLingua is a trusted name in the translation and interpreting sector and provides language solutions in all languages for clients across the world.

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    • Andrew Davison


      I’m writing to inquire about possible internships for an American looking to gain experience in the translation industry. I have been studying French Translation at Kent State University and, with only a few semesters left until graduation, have not yet engaged in anything outside of the academic realm of experience. If there are any upcoming internships for this spring or summer, I would be more than happy to have the chance to apply and, possibly, work as part of your agency as I start my career!

      Thank you for your time.


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