Intern experience Internship at a Translation and Interpretation Agency

  • Intern experience Internship at a Translation and Interpretation Agency

    Intern experience Internship at a Translation and Interpretation Agency

    Origin: Bastogne (Belgium)

    Training: Translation specialised in terminology and localisation

    Linguistic combinations: FR – EN – ES

    I am called Diane, I’m 23 years old and I’m Belgian. In the first year of my degree in my country, I decided to take Spanish classes. I did not know any of this language before, since I had first studied English and then, German. As soon as I started Spanish classes, I realised that I wanted to continue studying this language, it seemed one of the nicest in the world. For this reason, after my second year, in 2012-2013, I went to Spain to live with a Spanish family (in the Comunidad de Madrid) and study in a Spanish school. There I learnt the language and discovered Madrid. That year, I completely fell in love with the country, the capital and everything about Spain.

    When I returned to Belgium, I started a translation degree at the University, in Brussels. I had already known for some years that I wanted to study translation. In the second year of my masters, we had the opportunity of doing internships at a foreign translation and interpretation agency, and that’s how I arrived at AltaLingua!

    Before starting the internship, I had never worked as a translator, and all the translations that I had done had been for translation classes… Neither had I worked in a business, with a team. I was a little nervous about discovering a different environment from the University.

    << I learnt a lot at AltaLingua, thanks to my managers and my work colleagues, that always helped me…>>

    However, when I arrived at AltaLingua, I was met with very kind, accommodating, open people… Suddenly, I thought that it was going to be a very nice and very interested experience. The work atmosphere was very good and relaxed. It is very important for someone that starts working in a new place and, above all, comes to a new country.

    I learnt a lot at AltaLingua: I was able to translate lots of different texts (financial, legal, websites, tourism or advertising texts…) and thanks to that, I now know that I like translating. I also had the opportunity to discover more tools (I already knew Trados, but another version), including in Microsoft Word, thanks to my managers and my work colleagues, that always helped me whenever I had doubts.

    << …It was an wonderful and unforgettable experience. >>

    As well as learning lots about the work of a translator, I learnt about myself too and what I wanted to do after getting my degree. I want to continue working in the field of languages, such as in the translation or teaching sector, in Spain (in Madrid, specifically, since I still love this city). Also I would like, one day, to be a sworn translator (because I like helping with this type of translation at AltaLingua), or specialise in localisation of websites (I loved being able to translate websites during the internship).

    In conclusion, I would like to thank the whole team at AltaLingua, for everything that they offered me during the internship: the opportunity to learn a lot, the support and help received by each person, throughout the 10 week internship, the conversations about a little everything with everyone, the work environment in general… I left AltaLingua with many happy memories and with a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

    Thanks AltaLingua!


    AltaLingua is a trusted name in the translation and interpreting sector and provides language solutions in all languages for clients across the world.

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