Keys to be the best translator

  • Keys to be the best translator

    Keys to be the best translator

    On how many occasions have you not been able to adequately manage work flow? How many times have you panicked about not being able to meet your deadline?

    We show you some keys to be the best translator. Don’t miss it!

    Improving productivity is a determining factor when it comes to being a good professional translator. The productivity of a translator depends on the performance and efficiency when it comes to carrying out orders.


    Keys to be the best translator:

    1. Take control of the time that is dedicated to each task and set delivery times according to performance. There are a multitude of programme or applications that help you keep track of time, for example,TimeEditionorMicrosoft Outlook or Google Calendar.


    1. Establish a work routine that provides a daily structure of work order to be able to improve productivity and concentration on tasks.


    1. Training is crucial and thus, attendance to courses, conferences or workshops will help you to be up to date with the developments of the translation market.


    1. The main work tool of a translator is the computer, therefore it is essential to control and be up to date on office automation issues and keyboard combinations.


    1. Improvements in typing speed will allow you to be more competent in your work. There are many free online tests to be able to practice for example,Typing o TypingMaster.


    In terms of the most useful keyboard combinations, it is important to internalise some shortcuts in Word, Windows and Apple:


    • Bold:Ctrl+B
    • Italics:Ctrl+I
    • Underline:Ctrl+U
    • Change font type:Ctrl+D
    • Small caps:Shift+F3
    • Search:Ctrl+F
    • Search and Replace:F5
    • Superscript:Ctrl+Shift+=
    • Align paragraph to the left:Ctrl+L
    • Align paragraph to the right:Ctrl+R
    • Align paragraph to the centre:Ctrl+E
    • Justify text:Ctrl+J
    • Open text formatting options:Ctrl+D
    • Add a new comment:Ctrl+Alt+M
    • Cut:Ctrl+X
    • Copy:Ctrl+C
    • Paste:Ctrl+V
    • Undo:Ctrl+Z
    • Redo:Ctrl+Y
    • Select all the text:Ctrl+A
    • Go to:F5
    • Print:Ctrl+P
    • Save:Ctrl+S
    • Save as:F12
    • Move an entire word:Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow
    • Move an entire paragraph:Ctrl+Up/Down Arrow
    • Go to the start or end of the document:Ctrl+Home/End
    • New document:Ctrl+N
    • Open document:Ctrl+O
    • Close document:Ctrl+W



    • Ctrl+RRun
    • Alt + F4:close window
    • F2:rename a file
    • Alt + Tab:Move from program to another
    • Windows Key + C:Search files
    • Windows Key + E:Open File Explorer
    • Windows Key + M:Minimise open windows



    • Command +C: Copy
    • Command + X: Cut
    • Command + V: Paste
    • Command + P: Print
    • Command + Mission Control: Show the desktop
    • Command + W: Close programs
    • Command + SHIFT +? : Help
    • Command + TAB: Move from program to another



    • Ctrl + W: close tab
    • Ctrl + SHIFT + T: Recover the closed tab
    • Ctrl + “+”:increase zoom
    • Ctrl + “-“:decrease zoom


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