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  • Online Translation Service

    Online Translation Service

    AltaLingua is the flagship translation and interpretation business in the sector that offers an online translation service for every type of document.

    We have in-house translators and a wide network of collaborators around the world , offering a large variety of linguistic services. We have native translators in the target language, which guarantee an efficient and high quality translation.

    In addition, when translations are carried out by a team of translators, we guarantee the quality of the final result of the translation with processes that include constant proofreading during the entire translation process.

    Your online translation service where and when you want

    Request an online translation service at any point, you only have to follow three steps:

    • Send the document via email to
    • The management team will send you an immediate quote.
    • Confirmation of the online translation service through online payment.
    • Possibility of collection at our offices or delivery to any part of the world.

    Our online translation services:

    Online translations services specialised in a multitude of professional fields such as legal, sworn, industrial, medical, automotive, marketing etc. Translators must have extensive knowledge of the terminology and the specific aspects of each field.

    • Academic Translation

    Online translations for every type of academic documents, either simple or sworn to present to official bodies.

    Carrying out audiovisual translations help any type of audience that can access the content. It is not only a matter of carrying out a correct translation, but to help ensure that people with limited hearing easily follow the content.

    We help to ensure that your strategies as a business benefit from a correct translation in your image and positioning campaigns, social networks or every type of web systems to visualise content.

    • Layout and document management

    Thanks to our extensive experience in online translation services for every type of customer, we offer complementary services such as edition, layout and document management.

    • Localisation

    The adaptation of content that you wish to translate must be in line with the linguistic and cultural context for a better understanding.


    At AltaLingua we are committed to guaranteeing a high quality online translation service in record time.



    AltaLingua es una agencia de traducción e interpretación de referencia que brinda servicios lingüísticos integrales para empresas en España y el mundo. AltaLingua cuenta con sistemas de gestión de calidad según las normas ISO 9001:2015, ISO 18587:2020 de servicios de posedición multilingüe y UNE-EN 17100:2015 de servicios de traducción.

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