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    Professional Translator

    Having a professional translator is fundamental to guarantee the quality of the final result of the translations. Professional translation services must contemplate translation and proofreading processes that help to improve the quality of texts, the terminology and the terminological consistency of all the contents.

    The main standard that guarantees a professional translation service is the UNE 17100 standard, a European standard that reviews translation and proofreading processes and established minimum requirements for the profiles involved during the translation process.

    The UNE 17100 standard requires, among other things:

    • That professional translators involved in the translation and proofreading process are professionals with university training in Translation and Interpretation, in Philology o in related careers.
    • The professional translators are natives in the target language and have extensive knowledge of the original language.
    • The professional translators and proofreaders involved in the translation process have demonstrable and professional experience in translation.

    What’s more, professional translation tools (CAT tools) exist that help to improve the quality of the translations. CAT tools are professional translation software and one of its main advantages is that it allows the creation of translation memories and terminological glossaries that help to maintain the same terminological consistency in every business communication.


    Quality guarantees on professional translation services.

    The most common quality standards in Europe guarantee professional translation services are:


    How to request a professional translation quote?

    If you need to carry out a professional translation, send us the scanned document by email to and we will send you a quote personalised to your needs.

    The price of  translation will mainly depend on the length of the content to translates, it is usually applied per word, the type of translation and the linguistic combination.




    AltaLingua es una agencia de traducción e interpretación de referencia que brinda servicios lingüísticos integrales para empresas en España y el mundo. AltaLingua cuenta con sistemas de gestión de calidad según las normas ISO 9001:2015, ISO 18587:2020 de servicios de posedición multilingüe y UNE-EN 17100:2015 de servicios de traducción.

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