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    The internet is becoming the centre of our business and therefore we want to emphasise the great importance of being optimised in every content that you upload to the Internet. You want to gain customers! Become a friend of Google and join SEO translation!


    What is SEO?

    SEO is the optimisation for search engines or ranking in searches, that is to say, it is a process that is a matter of improving the visibility of your website organically.

    If your online content is optimised, it will therefore appear in the first Google search results, therefore you will have larger user traffic.


    And SEO translation?

    The vast majority of companies consider the need to publish contents that suitably positions on Google, but these criteria are not always applied when it comes to carrying out translations. Why?

    Normally when it comes to translating contents, the aspects that are valued most are the price, the delivery time and the quality of the translation. But, what happens when the translation is published on the Internet?

    Just as you invest effort and money in hiring a translation agency, you must know that in order to obtain a greater visibility and for your multilingual marketing strategy to be successful, SEO must be taken into account.

    For this reason, a very important new term has flourished called “SEO translation”. It is not in itself a type of  translation, but a set of elements that must be taken into account when it comes to translating content.


    This process is carried out in four steps:

    1. Translate the content.

    It is important that the quality of the translation is guaranteed and therefore, hiring a translation agency if your best option. Don’t have faith in automatic translation since it leaves much to be desired and Google penalises content that is automatically translated. Why?

    Google establishes that this content is of poor quality since it is a content generated by a machine, so it is not processed content.

    You have to think about customer experience, that is to say, to think about how international clients search for your business.

    1. Selection of keywords

    In view of the already translated text, the next step is to make sure that the keywords are the most indicated according to the target language. The users of different countries don’t search in the same way, therefore for example, a keyword in the English market will not be the same in the Spanish market.

    The keywords are those most popular words in user searches. In order to know what the keywords are, you can use various Google tools such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Trends

    1. Optimisation of the translation

    Apart from the importance of the translation and the selection of keywords, making content search engine friendly or optimal is of vital importance.

    There are different technical aspects that you have to keep in mind for example, that the keyword appears in the first paragraph and title of the text, that the image contains alt attribute, to put internal or external links.

    Yoast is a software that helps you to optimise search engines indicating which the aspects that you can improve the content. This is included in different platforms such as WordPress, Magneto

    1. Adaptation of the metadata.

    If you want the SEO translation to be totally friendly, you must translate the metadata. For example, the title, metadescription of the site, url, name of the link, etc.

    If you incorporate internal or external links, it is important that these links are suitable translated to the target language so everything matches.



    At AltaLingua, translation and interpretation agency, we carry out every type of translation into more than 50 languages. We have native in-house translators and with collaborates at an international level that guarantee a quality translation.

    Call us now or send us an email!


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