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    Tourism translation

    The tourism sector is a sector pioneer in the hiring of professional translation services.


    Tourism translation is equally demanding and requires the same levels of specialisation as technical translations. The vocabulary, tone and style are fundamental to convey the content in full.

    At AltaLingua we have translators specialised in tourism contents and we generate glossaries for our clients with the terminology belonging to each business, in order to give terminological consistency to every translation for the customer and into every language.


    Why is it fundamental to have a glossary for translations in the tourism sector?

    Tourism businesses usually determine in their corporate identity the tone of communication and the vocabulary, it is important to have an experienced translator to translate all these nuances of the target language, keep the same terminological consistency in every communication material of the business.

    A clear example is that during the process of online shopping, reference is usually made to documentation, additional services and payment methods with a specific terminology according to the offer of each business. To help the experience of the customer during the shopping process and during the service, it is important to keep the same terminological consistency in every communication and during the entire customer experience.

    At AltaLingua, as a tourism translation agency, we create terminological glossaries for each customer and for each language, guaranteeing the same terminological consistency in every communication of the business.


    The importance of a native translator in tourism translation.

    It is fundamental that tourism translation is done by an experienced native translator that translates all the nuances of the message. In this way, we guarantee that the communication efforts carried out in the original content are translated correctly to the target language.

    At AltaLingua, as a tourism translation agency, we have UNE-EN 17100 quality certification, a European standard that exclusively controls translation services and guarantees that translations are done by native translators, with training and experience in translation.


    Why do tourism sector businesses choose SEO translations?

    For years e-Commerce has been leading the sales of the tourism sector, tourism businesses make great effort in the digital strategy to improve their positioning and reach the highest number of potential customers.

    SEO work developed in the original language can be taken advantage of if we do SEO translations. These translations are based on an analysis of keywords and in the creation of a glossary to optimise the contents that are translated into the target language.


    What are the most common documents in tourism translation?

    At AltaLingua we have extensive experience in translations with clients in the tourism sector. We translate into more than 30 languages contents such as:


    Do you have a tourism translation project?

    Tell us about your project and we will help you to determine a languages strategy for your business, according to your needs and potential markets.

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    AltaLingua es una agencia de traducción e interpretación de referencia que brinda servicios lingüísticos integrales para empresas en España y el mundo. AltaLingua cuenta con sistemas de gestión de calidad según las normas ISO 9001:2015, ISO 18587:2020 de servicios de posedición multilingüe y UNE-EN 17100:2015 de servicios de traducción.

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