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  • Transcription tools

    Transcription tools

    In order to carry out professional translation services it is fundamental to have necessary transcription tools that are adapted to the service and the transcriber.

    There are not many professional transcription software that allow us to carry out a manual transcription adequate to each transcription need. We leave you 4 fundamental manual transcription tools to give a good professional transcription service.

    Two main types of transcription exist:

    • Literal transcription:When an exact transcription is carried out.
    • Natural transcription: When a transcription without common discourse errors is carried out.

    If you want more information about transcription services, you can continue to see: Transcription Service.

    4 Transcription tools:

    Express Scribe

    A transcription tool that accepts a large quantity of audio and video file formats. It is a very easy to use tool and it has a text editor and an audiovisual contents player. It allows your to manipulate the playback speed to suit the speed of the transcriber.

    Access link:



    Manual transcription tool, specifically for audio transcription. It does not allow video playback. It is divided into very clear work areas, indicating the audio timeline and waveform.

    Access link:



    Web transcription tool. The difference is that we can directly work with the transcription from the explorer. It has a very easy to use text editor, the possibility of manipulating the playback speed and it allows us to upload audio and video files, or directly from a YouTube link.

    Access link:


    Listen N Write

    This audio transcription tool has a functionality in which it generates a pause every 5 seconds to give time to the transcription. This pause is can be personalised in order to be able to adapt the playback to the speed of the transcriber. It is a transcription tool with a very simple functionality.

    Access link:


    At AltaLingua we give transcription and translation services to every language. If you need a transcription service, write to us at, letting us know the characteristics of the project in order to be able to offer you a service suited to your needs.

    Santiago Mariuzzo

    Marketing | AltaLingua, agencia de traducción e interpretación. AltaLingua cuenta con traductores e intérpretes jurados y nativos, licenciados y formados en distintas disciplinas que garantizan una traducción idónea para cada texto.

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