Translating a Website

  • Translating a Website

    Translating a Website

    Translating a Website

    What must you keep in mind for your website translation?

    If you are planning to translate your website, here are a few tips to keep in mind before defining how and with whom to do the translation.


    Determine your target audience.

    I’m sure you have a clear idea of the audience your website or blog is aimed at, but when including language versions you must define the variant of the language you want to address. For example, Portuguese translations must be differentiated if the destination is Portugal or Brazil. The same goes for Spanish within Latin America or British and American English.

    Apply SEO translations, with keywords oriented to the positioning of your target audience.

    If you consider organic positioning important in the original version, why not try to adapt it in the language version?

    In these posts we saw some examples of how to identify keywords for a SEO translation, and defined what SEO translation is.

    Look for a native translator, who knows the variations of your target audience.

    If we want to communicate closely with our users, we must have a native translator.

    Analyse Keywords for the translation.

    Analyse the keywords with your translator to help position your website. Analyse and adapt your SEO strategy to the new language version and boost the spread of your website.

    Plan the translation work.

    The translation process of a website involves writing, translating and programming. Make sure that all the work is coordinated to speed up the process and make the most of the time.

    Write and Translate

    Be constant in writing and translating. If you have a website that regularly updates content, make sure you keep the content in the different language versions you have planned.


    If you need help with your website translation, tell us about your project so we are able to give you a solution. At AltaLingua we have native translators with experience in SEO translation.

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