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    Translation software

    Translation software

    After the increase in demand for translations both for individuals and businesses, translators must speed up the work process with different translation software.


    The use of these these computer assisted translation software (CAT) offers a series of advantages:

    • Increase in the volume of work

    Translators have to cope with increasingly tight deadlines for larger workloads and not lose the coherence and adaptation of terminology and style.

    SDL Trados Studios is the best computer assisted translation software on the market. This software is essential in the world of translators to create and save memories and formats.

    • Increase work production

    The use of this translation software allows you to duplicate work production thanks to previously saved memories, which allow you to see similarities between the new documents to be translated and the previous documents.

    • Save time

    To save time and make the job easier, CAT tools spread the options selected by the translator. In this way, if while the translator translates a document, the same segments or words appear in the in the translation memory, they do not have to write the same thing again.

    The more they translate, the more memory they have, so subsequent translations of the same subject matter will be done in a much shorter time.

    • Standardise terminological language

    There are certain documents with financial, economic, legal, medical or other topics that require a specific terminological knowledge.

    CAT tools allowing standardising of word and expression glossaries so that there is concordance between the different languages and cultures. Terminological consistency within the document is essential to give it a consistent meaning.

    • Work management

    Agreeing to a fair price and deadline for the customer through a prior analysis of the documentation to be translated will help to keep the the preparation of the work on a consistent timeline.

    The translator or projects manager must keep in mind the time that they have to translate and proofread the document, as well as updating the CAT tools’ glossaries.

    This glossary update provides an overview of what really needs to be translated and what just needs to be proofread.


    Double your output thanks to the use of translation software and other tools!


    AltaLingua is a trusted name in the translation and interpreting sector and provides language solutions in all languages for clients across the world.

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