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    Voluntary translation

    Once you have finished your university degree in translation, you ask yourself what the next step will be. Normally your first concern is to get the sufficient experience in order to be able to develop and apply your previous knowledge, but how do you obtain said experience?

    Voluntary translation involves offering your services as a non-profit translator in order to gain professional experience carrying out humanitarian work.

    Thanks to voluntary translators, the world is able to communicate regardless of language barriers, this creating a better world.

    Collaborations with NGOs are very recommendable because you can ensure that future companies that hire you see you in a very positive and competent profile. Additionally, you have the possibility of selecting the language in which you want to work and know beforehand the themes that you are going to cover.

    Likewise, carrying out this type of work gives you the possibility that companies to make recommendations about your professional profile to other businesses so that you get good future employment contracts.

    There is no doubt that this action is a good way to support different charitable causes as well as extensive knowledge and develop language skills.

    The great advantage is that working with NGOs does not require delivery times as limited as those of other companies. This flexibility will help you correctly carry out your work and reduce the delivery time.

    A multitude of companies exist that need or search for voluntary translators for different programs such as the UN, TED, The Rosetta Foundation, Vicente Ferrer Foundation, Medicusmuni etc. We recommend that you carry out some research to make sure that the program you are offered is appropriate and is going to be beneficial to your career.


    AltaLingua encourages you to collaborate. Do not hesitate to have a unique and enriching experience!


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